Angie Sotiropoulos Art
$10.00 CAD

Heliconia and Nudilichen Colouring Zines (2pk)

Colour the world as you see it with this two book edition of creatures featuring the Nudilichen and Heliconia creatures.

Nudilichen are cute and wee. They start their lives off in boggy wet waters. They then migrate to the tree tops where they mature and form coats of moss and lichen as a camouflage from becoming some lucky birds dinner.

The Heliconia are mysterious creatures of the deep. Rarely seen except when they venture to the surface once a year to mate and visit friends in the kelp forests of ocean.

Both zines measure 4.25” x 5.5”. Printed on a quality white bond paper. Three flip pages or eight panels worth of images to colour in each book.

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