Angie Sotiropoulos Art
$50.00 CAD

Nudilichen Customs

This is a LIMITED TIME CUSTOM PREORDER for the month of October.

They’re mini, they're cute and they could be custom to you!
Looking for a unique gift for someone? Shopping early for Christmas. Or have you just always wanted one for yourself? For a limited time I will be offering custom Nudilichen sculptures.

What you get:
-1 Nudilichen sculpture. Will range in size (depending on pose) between 4" x1" x 2” MIN and 4” x1.5” x 2” MAX (LxWxH) in size. It will probably be on the larger size rather the smaller.
-Choose a colour, your favourite lichen or moss or leave it all up to me.
-It will be hand sculpted out of polymer clay, painted with gouache and sealed.
-Optional. Have a small story of an adventure your Nudilichen has been on to go along with the sculpture.
-After purchase you will contacted via email so we can discuss details.

Please note this is NOT intended to be a TOY for children. The item will be shipped on DEC 1, 2020 at the latest. Only available in Canada.

Use Code: CUSTOMLOCAL at checkout to skip the shipping and pickup or have a door delivery of this sculpture. Only available in the City of Edmonton.