• Image of Stella

The Nudilichen start their lives off on the edges of water habitats. As they grow and learn the lay of the land their curiosity heightens until they are brave enough to venture out into the world. Most gravitate towards the tree tops and fall in love with the vistas. There they start to adapt to new their homes by camouflaging themselves with lichen and mosses. All in hopes that they will not become someones next meal. Brave as they are, their fear is easily seen on their faces as most have a perpetually nervous look.

Creature's vary between 1.5”-2.5” in size. They come in a clear box measuring 3”x3”x3” that is built out to look like their habitat. The Nudilichen can be removed or remain in the box for display.

This item is one of a kind. Hand sculpted out of polymer clay, and then painted with acrylic paint and sealed. Because it’s a one of a kind piece and not replaceable it will ship tracked with a signature upon delivery.

If you are a US or International customer and are interested in this item please send me a message and we can discuss shipping.